Every systems administrator has a story to tell.

Here are some of mine.

The name Kew Runner comes from Kew Gardens Queens NY, its the bus route right in front of my house that shuttles you directly to the LGA or JFK airport. Its also the name of the taxi service that takes me to either of those airports, Kew Gardens taxi on Hillside have been servicing this community for as long as I can remember.

The intention here is to share some of my tech notes with friends and family without having to put it in emails. I am not very socially connected so this is probably my most public platform.

Please feel free to comment and share whatever notes that you think are helpful for the next sysadmin to get thru the day. Clearly there are tens of hundreds, tens of thousands tech blogs (I’m a fan of all of them), the intention here is very different…these are my tech notes that I might be sharing with you or someone similar to you.

One last thing, nothing that is published here is proprietary so feel free to try it out, take it and rewrite it. There are more scripts published in my git channel, but I’m not connecting all that together, maybe another day.

Thanks for hanging out here in my little tech notes corner of the triple dub.