Satellite Server: katello-service

Time for some upgrades and backups of the satellite server, first inspect the current services running and enabled

[root@rhel75lab ~]# katello-service list
Redirecting to 'foreman-maintain service'
Running Service List
List applicable services: 
dynflowd.service                              enabled 
foreman-proxy.service                         enabled 
httpd.service                                 enabled 
postgresql.service                            enabled 
pulp_celerybeat.service                       enabled 
pulp_resource_manager.service                 enabled 
pulp_streamer.service                         enabled 
pulp_workers.service                          enabled 
puppetserver.service                          enabled 
qdrouterd.service                             enabled 
qpidd.service                                 enabled 
rh-mongodb34-mongod.service                   enabled 
smart_proxy_dynflow_core.service              enabled 
squid.service                                 enabled 
tomcat.service                                enabled

All services listed                                                   [OK]

Now lets stop satellite server services

[root@rhel75lab ~]# katello-service stop
Redirecting to 'foreman-maintain service'
Running Stop Services
Check if command is run as root user:                                 [OK]
Stop applicable services: 
Stopping the following service(s):

rh-mongodb34-mongod, postgresql, qdrouterd, qpidd, squid, pulp_celerybeat, pulp_resource_manager, pulp_streamer, pulp_workers, smart_proxy_dynflow_core, tomcat, dynflowd, httpd, puppetserver, foreman-proxy
/ All services stopped                                                [OK]      

[root@rhel75lab ~]# 

The process takes a few minutes to complete, be sure to do this before running any type of maintenance on your satellite server or else you might put yourself in a bad admin place.


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